Acidic slime is the boss found Inside Provaddda. he is a huge slime
Battle 3

Acidic slime jumping out of the pool

that lives down inside Provaddda's stomach acid. he is very hard to defeat and has 30.000 HP.

He has the poison power and spits mucus bubbles.

He is fast and hard to hit but you can damage him more easly with the Rapid Fire ability equipped.

When his heart points are 500 he turns into an imago-like creature who launchs pink slime at you.

In Snailiad: Spikey Swarm he is an optional boss when you enter inside Provaddda, he has the same attacks but is easier to defeat if you equipped all the Shells and the Auto-Life badge.


Salt attack

His Salt ball attack

Salt ball like Blob-zooka

Slime shoot

Slimeball and acidball shoot

Move (Moves from pool to pool, hurting snaily and budy)

Slime pool (Throws another acid pool into play (After angry stance))