Crystal "Auriplane" Jacobs is an author, composer, and a game programmer. She composed the entire soundtrack (except for the very first track) for Starwish, a popular flash game created by xdanond. Auriplane is also an avid videogame soundtrack remixer, and has produced numerous cover songs for games such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and MegaMan. She also is a skilled tracker, and is a fan of 8-bit music, especially snail-related songs. Indisputably, her crowning accomplishment is a flash game called Snailiad, a Metroidvania style adventure game starring snails. All of the assets that comprise the game are hers, most notably the soundtrack. She made 2 flash music dance snake man dance and

Rumors of Starwish 2 are in the works, as well as possibly another secret project, of which details are sparse or nonexistent.

She's also going to make Snailiad 2 and Super Snailiad.

She is part of the Community Development Team of Dungeon Defenders.

She made sprites of Toothfish a fish that bite snaily and Mechapliny a robot that hates snaily and she made a baby snail like the one from snailiad it will have a sprite.

Side notesEdit

Auriplane is rightly enamoured with snails and all things snaily. May her golden snail never fade!

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Youtube channel, with covers, original music and Snailiad walkthrough