Snaily snail and buddy bud before being devoured by Provaddda

Battle 2

Snaily and buddy fighting Blob-zooka

Blob-zooka is a boss located in Jungetin floraxia. he is a green Blob with a deadly bazooka. it shoots Salt balls like acid slime in inside proaddda which horribly hurts Snaily and buddy. when he is defeated, Provaddda gets his revenge by eating snaily and buddy.

He returns in Snailiad 4: The Last Showdown and Snailiad 6: Attack of the blobs

He is a mirco boss in snailiad 11.

At snailiad: a magic blob attack blob-zooka was red and magicful shrink snaily to provaddda mouth
Blob-Zooka (About)

Blob-Zooka whats he about