It shows info of all bosses, it started in 4th game.

They don't let you spell psycho iris.


Shellbreaker- a feared circle known for smashing shells from turtles and snails

Stompy- 2 dangerous feet with eyeballs. they stomp many things

Snatchy- known for snatching snails from the ground, snails around the world fear him.

Giant spikey: the leader of spikeys.

Spinny flaze- a deadly mixture, it burns and slashes everything it touches.

Provadddas- a true glutton, can eat almost anything.

Dragon snail- lives in the depths of the sea of endless. he has powers of the dragons

Rain snail- a truely deadly snail that shocks it's opponents with lightning.

King Dedede- a peguin that got a hammer and appears in kirby.

Meta Knight- a knight that have a sword and got a ship and oh he from kirby.

The joker- Only appears in psyG\5\42q ir3344's castle that only along with king golem.

[Psycho Iris|[PsyG\5\42q ir3344]]- the one that could end snail world only appears in PsyG\5\42q waG6';\43\]q. (Creator splattered ink so you cannot see it.)

(The name is psycho iris)

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