Pincer was a durant from pokemon.

Fireball, Batty Bat act like mario enemies.

Chirpy was a angry bird.

Pea Shooter come from Starwish.

Spikey look like a metroid enemy.

And the ending sometime there a Starwish character.

Space Box was a thwomp from Mario enemies.

Heart containers are from L of Z

Spinnygear is from Secret Maryo Chronicles.

There is a pinball like game on the main menu the have a peashooter bullet but when that snaily snail touch it now it move diffent.

Snailiad 2 Edit

Rain snail song is the wart song from toad the mushroom game.

Snailiad 3 Edit

Rainbow Snail song is the wart song from toad the mushroom game.

Master claw was kirby music.

Snailiad 4 Edit

Psycho Iris Two was a Zero two from kirby.

Chompers were plants from Plants Vs Zombies

King dedede is from kirby.

Snorlax is from pokemon.

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