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Moon Snail (Not to be confused with User:Moon Snail) is the alter-ego of Sun Snail, boss of the Lux Lirata area, and final boss of the game. Nobody calls him a monster.


In Shrine Of Isis You See Moon Snail

In Snailiad it is stated that Moon Snail "was once known as Sun Snail and enjoyed nomming on grass". Sun Snail's hobby is counting primes. Sun Snail also appears as the analogue to Moon Snail in Boss Rush And At Low Health He Gets Mad/Angry. When you get a 100% item he open his eyes then the credits start because of the good snaily ending. Rain Snail in snailiad 2 made Moon Snail and Isis to evil snails.

Buddy is said to be his dad in Snailiad 3: the last hurrah.
Moon Snail

That Moon Snail. In A Happy Ending He A Sun Snail.

You can not fight him in Snailiad 3: the last hurrah.

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That A Moon Snail Icon

He is kiddenap by rainbow snail.

in snailiad 11 it says Master claw's minions betrayed him for Moon Snail and trapped him in a capsule. He was injured in snailiad 31 And He Comes Back In Snailiad 59 And Evolved In Mordor Snail!


"I give you trust to take care of my son, please have care!"

In this exact game moon snails red cornered boomerangs are the most powerful weapon Easy 3 hearts metal 1 in half hearts ________________________________________ Normal 6 hearts metal 3 hearts __________________________________ Slug (hard) 12 hearts! Metal 6 hearts __________________________________Very Hard!(20 Hearts)Metal 8 Hearts