Snaily fighting a Kitty!!!, A Chomper and a Fake Grass

Chompers are really dangerous plants in Jungetin floraxia, you have to not touch them at all costs! unlike all enemies, Chompers kill ytou the instant you touch them more than piranha plants or devilblobs and really don't work at shell sheid or full metal.

they are purple with spikes

What a chomper looks like in PVZ

They are a cameo from Plant Vs Zombies to eat zombies.

In super snailiad snails they go to pipes but there first level there on was level 1-2 but there a boss call pipey chomper in level 4-4.

There sleeping in snailiad 64 and the remake for the nintendo ds.

Dyna blade accidentially mistook one for grass and snatched one up for her children like the 2 fake grasses in Snaily Right Back at Ya!

Glad Chompers appear in snailiad 26.

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