Waring:Only snailyrocks can edit but somebody did excet moon snail will get block!

Like sparys from kirby amizing mirror and speak sqaud.

K = It from kirby

K Squeak Sqaud = From Kirby Squeak Sqaud

Red = Red Snail K

Pink = Just snaily snail without a orange shell. K

Orange = Just snaily snail without pink slug. K

Green = Green Snail K

Blue = Blue Snail

Purple = Purple Snail

Yellow = Yellow Snail K

Gold = Gold Snail

Sliver = Sliver Snail

Brown = Brown Snail

Black = Black Snail

Tan = Tan Snail

DarkBlue = Darkblue Snail

DarkRed = DarkRed Snail

White = White Snail

SkyBlue = SkyBlue Snail

Gray = Gray Snail

GoldenRod = Goldenrod Snail

DarkGreen = DarkGreen Snail

DarkOrange = DarkOrange Snail

Lavender = Lavender Snail K Squeak Squad

Cyan = Cyan Snail

Teal = Teal Snail

SeaGreen = SeaGreen Snail

Violet = Violet Snail

Lime = Lime Snail

Aqua = Aqua Snail

Olive = Olive Snail

Navy = Navy Snail

Maroon = Maroon Snail

Fuchsia = Fuchsia Snail

Magenta = Magenta Snail

Thistle = Thistle Snail

Plum = Plum Snail

Snow = Snow Snail K

Coral = Coral Snail

Turquoise = Turquoise Snail

Honeydew = Honeydew Snail

Indigo = Indigo Snail

LimeGreen = LimeGreen Snail

SpringGreen = SpringGreen Snail

Orchid = Orchid Snail

DarkOrchid = DarkOrchid Snail

LightCyan = LightCyan Snail

Peru = Peru Snail

SeaShell = SeaShell Snail

MediumOrchid = MediumOrchid Snail

Other Snails Edit

Rainbow Snail has Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Teal and Purple.

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