Make a drawin picture version of my avatar go see the picture in my user page to see the avatar.

User:Snailyrocks to User:Moon Snail.

Drawin looks like snailyrocks but a evil form of snailyrocks. Darwin is the final boss in snaily mass attack then snailiad 29 and snailiad 27. He is a bad evil snail how got kill by snaily in snailiad 29.

He return on snailiad 43 and have Crabs.

some people sometimes call him "Drawin or Darin(Go see the picture)" when they were alive.
Snaily epic block artwork

Darwin the secound to last boss in snaily epic block.

Dark Matter HATE HIM when you be him in snailiad 50 psycho iris saving him but snaily fail for saving Darwin.


His name spell wrong and snaily batting him(Note: I fix snaily's color).

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