Kkirby Super Star Ultra - Big Boss Fight01:24

Kkirby Super Star Ultra - Big Boss Fight.wmv

Her boss battle in snailad 13 when she is a dark matters..

Dyna blade first appeared in Snailiad 3, she was entrapped by Dragon snail and snaily defeat him, and freed dyna blade.

She reappeared in snailiad 4.She helped snaily get to psycho iris afer Beyond snail world was finished, but was blasted down with Psycho iris' curse. so Snaily just ended up in the beginning of Psycho Iris castle she was kiddnap by the joker or king golem.

She is from kirby super star and kirby super star ultra.

She got darkness by dark matters from snailiad 13.

She also got a mini game on snailiad 11 called dyna blade vs snatchy.

You can play as her on Snailiad 22 by typing in DYNABIRD

In snailiad 12 there a attack in snaily quest call dyna comes.

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