Snailiad Edit

There a death end in the place of isis.

You can go to boss rush without the mini game.

Gravity shock is also a glitchyyyy.

All of them are fix by auriplane.

Super secret boomerang and the two secret snelk places are not glitches.

snailiad 2Edit

If you fight Rain snail without the shell shield, you will gain a shell shield, and when you beat rain snail, it will say "And so..." and your browser will crash.

Snailiad 3Edit

If you hide in your shell after defeating Blob-zooka, you will dodge provadddas and be able to go to Sea of endless via Launch pad.

Snailiad 4Edit

If you use hacks for the ^dj*2, and break Iris castle final boss blocks, you will fall into a world where text start flashing when it appears.

If you jump over Psycho iris 2 (It takes some time) then switch to left and right gravity 100 times without touching Iris (Also takes some time) and shoot a pea from a pea shooter at Iris, you will fall into world a6yW^3G and gain the ^dj*2

If you defeat dragon snail, and hide in your shell afterwards, it will show Dyna blade carrying you in your shell, but will fly backwards, and you will suddenly appear in the world %a6yW^3G.

There a glitch were sranthy break is stuck on the gray door.

snailiad 5Edit

There a death end that turn buddy into snaily in the last place.

Snailiad 6Edit

Some when there many blob you will get stuck when you got attack by all blobs.

Snailiad 7Edit

If you press down in normal mode, your browser will crash if you didn't get the shells back from the slug.

Snailiad 8Edit

well, more of a mistake, there is a piece of grass in mare carelia.

Snailiad 9Edit

There a death end on the top of when your batting king dedede.

snailiad 10Edit

There a glitch were snaily beat marx with snaily hide his shell he is now the walking shell.

snailiad 11Edit

If you click on Snaily in Snaily conveyor, he will disappear.

In Dyna blade VS snatchy there's a glitch when you reload it snatchy turns to battafire and a swarm of batties.

snailiad 12Edit

In ??? world you warp into dark meta knight place.

There a glitch when your in the top of marx.

In snaily quest use dyna blade 100 times and dyna blade just keeping on going to get glitchy for dyna blade.

snailiad 13Edit

There a shortcut where snaily touch psycho iris and a picture of a snaily snail.

snailiad 14Edit

When dark matter die when you hide when you got 1 more hp gray doors can't open

snailiad 15Edit

snailiad 16Edit

snailiad 17Edit

snailiad 18Edit

In boss rush there a glitch were psycho iris got a buggy thing when your gonnig into the next room.

snailiad 19Edit

When you got attack by a enemy when you in a wall sometime you will get stuck.

snailiad 20Edit

snailiad 21Edit

snailiad 22Edit

If you enter "ELEPEPSI" and "GOODBYESUN", it will trigger "SEZIUREMACHINE" without warning.

If psycho iris touch the death ray he dissper.

Hidden room are glitchy.

If dark matter have 1 more live and snaily have 1 more live when you shoot the death ray and they all die it freeze the most dumb glitch ever.

When you kill all enemies excet for devilblob they turn buggy and goomlets to spikies.

Sometimes when you put CRAP! snaily says crap in the code.

If your put ROBOTWANTS it's too hard but with GOODBYESUN it's more REALLY hard you can't see the water but with DYNABIRD + ROBOTWANTS = Winged robot but with MILKYWAYWISHES = Marx robot winged dyna blade moves.

Snaily 64 DSEdit

If you draw a pizza, it will freeze on the screen until you leave the page (Snaily 64 DS on kongregate/AG/newgrounds) or turn off your DS.

In the world where you activate the Isis boxes in snail heaven or Isis temple (secret area) then press B (or shift in PC) Snaily will die, and Isis boxes will stay deactivated, and the light closes in the castle.

When you play as isis and waluigi if you psychic a piranha plant the piranha plant stuck.

Putting iris boxes to thromps and whomps make the boxes fall down.

A power flower for waluigi make him psychic but sometimes you can have a flying glitch.

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