The Shrine Of Isis. Find The ??? Level.

Not to be confused with Psycho Iris Isis, the Godsnail, is a character in Snailiad. Her home is the Shine of Isis. She restores Moon Snail to make him Sun Snail once again. Her name is like Psycho Iris but it do not have two s they just have one s in Iris one. She is a boss in snailiad 2 because she now a evil snail corrupted by the final boss. Isis was kidnapped by Rainbow Snail because he didn't wanted that someone stops him from dominate the world with the Penguin King in snailiad 3. She sits near Space Box at the Nerujo Palace on planet Nekrox in snailiad 4. You can play as her in Snailiad 22 with code "SNAILIADISGOD", she is invincible, can fly, has arleady the maximum level of all the weapons, shells and powers from the beginning of the game. She is found in an interdimensional mission in the Snail Heaven and sometimes in her home, the Isis Shrine in Snaily 64 (DS). She dies killed by the final boss but before the final area she is revived by Psycho Iris the helps the heroes during the final battle by protecting you from the Destroyer Laser, the most powerful attack unleashed by the final boss. In the ending she returns home and says that she and the heroes will be friends forever then everyone watches the sky smiling with the Worlds once again free from the evil's corruption. all this things happened in Snailiad 43.