Kirby Nightmare In Dream Land - Boss Tower (Extended)10:19

Kirby Nightmare In Dream Land - Boss Tower (Extended)

His boss battle song.


King Dedede has a snail.

King Dedede the penguin king is from kirby.

He is the boss in snailiad 4 after beating meta knight.

He throw waddle dees.

He love his waddle dees.

He returns to snailiad 9 so that his first game that Psycho Iris is on his body.

He the first boss in snailiad 10.

He do not apperad in snailiad 11.

In snaily superstar ultra he got a masked form of him to be stonger than without his mask.

Later he just become friends with snaily in snailiad 50 along with rainbow snail, spinny flaze, pegiun king, master claw and meta knight.

King Dedede was not aplatus don't say he is that animal.

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