Kitty!!! Are Enemy That Shoot Many Peas.

That The First Very Rare Enemy.

It the onky area 2 enemy you see first not devilblob.

Angry tallfish, Devil blob and spider mama are very rare canon enemies too.

Snaily fighting a Kitty!!!, A Chomper and a Fake Grass

There A Unused Enemy Call The Kitty As A Color Grey.

KITTIES!!! are hard to kill.

There pets in snaily right back at ya were in episode 9 there 2 kitties that are playing with a string of yarn.

Garfield Resting

what Kitty!! looks like in real life

Typing in ILOVECATS makes all KITTY!!! neutral.

Kitty shoots multiple peas at a time at you and will jump 3 times and shoot again and again and so on.

Kitty can how ever be shot by your peas to but it's harder.

And Real Kitty Is From Robot Wants Kitty,Puppy,Fishy And Ice Cream(She Have More Revenges!)