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This is from snailiad 5.

Rhis is a completely nonsensical side-game for snailiad.

A dog just ate Buddy bud's potato, and Buddy bud is MAD! go throough a short game to get veangeance on the dog for taking that potato!

Stages Edit


1-1 (MY POTATO!)

1-2 (MY POTATO!)

1-3 (MY POTATO!)

1-4 (MY POTATO!)

1-5 (MY POTATO!)

1-6 (MY POTATO!)

1-7 (MY POTATO!)

1-8 (MY POTATO!)

1-9 (MY POTATO!)

1-10 (MY POTATO!)

1-11 (MY POTATO!)

1-12 (MY POTATO!)

1-13 (MY POTATO!)

BUDDY WANTS POTATO! (Robot wants potato a fan game by me i'm going to make the game page from robot wants fanon wikia)



Notes Edit

When you type on MYPOTATO! on snailiad 22 after when you type on budilad = buddy bud lose his potato because of the dog.

Enemies Edit

All enemies from snailiad 1 to snailiad 3 excet no slimeball in the game

Walkthoughs Edit

1-1 you have to jump and there one spikey avoid it!

1-2 two spikies avoid those two.

1-3 same as 1-2 but a blob is here and can jump avoid the spikies and blob.

1-4 one spikey and blob avoid those.

1-5 you will get the pea shooter and kill the spikies that block you.

1-6 two blobs in this level shoot them 1 got the key.

1-7 a blub is here avoid it!

1-8 you need to get the shell sheid to douge the spike.

1-9 a chripy swarm use the pea shooter to kill them.

1-10 a dog appears and beat him!

1-11 no enemies just get the boomerang atfer getting it you will fight a blub.

1-12 you have 2 hp now a spike and you got hurt and get the grass to heal.

1-13 a red spikey he's hard to beat him by a pea shooter and use the boomerang to kill him easy.