Magic Blob will change the grass into a blob.


Sooooooo magic.

Magic Blob is just like the magikoopa from mario.

It a enemy from snailiad 6.

They make blocks into blob, blub, peashooter blob, wing blob and gold blob in the shiny block.

He also change the grass into a blob in snailiad 8.

He do like to shrink snaily to provaddda.

In snaily right back at ya they use magic a grass, stone and a kitty!! and in episode 3 he srink rainbow snail to mini rainbow snail and provaddda thinks it's his food.

He is very very a magicful blob.

They use to be magkoopas from mario.

Hublob is he know as.

In super smash bros troment he become a playable character after beating him and provaddda and jungle florexa.