All the snails.

Canon Snails Edit

Snaily is the playable character snail in snailiad.

Moon Snail is the villan in snailiad but when getting 100% item when you beat him he turns to sun snail or after getting the rader to get 100% items.

Fanon Snails Edit

Buddy is the snail who first appears in snailiad 3 and he a playable character in snailiad 5 and a cheat call BUDDILAD is from snailiad 22.

Rainbow Snail/Rain Snail is the evil snail in snailiad 2 who is sky snail in boss rush or strom snail but star snail in super boss rush and snailiad space.

Snaila is a female she a playable character in snailiad 23 and snailiad 26.

Darwin (Moon snail call him drawin) is the EVILEST snail of all but dark matter is more evil than him first appear in snaily mass attack.

Master snail is the LAST snail he fights snaily and stonger than dark matter.

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