Master claw
Kirby Super Star Ultra Music - Galacta Knight01:40

Kirby Super Star Ultra Music - Galacta Knight

His music

is the final boss of boss rush but he is not in easy, normal and slug mode.he is toughest boss from Snailiad 3. his music is from kirby superstar ultra final boss from Meta knight with wings(Forgot name).
Master claw

Master claw, the ultimate snail killer

He is a green mantis-like claw that grabs on to stars with his mouth and shoots a lazer around it to blast snails into his oven at the bottom. if you touch that aura, you're dead in a jiffy. he also has spikes that do the same thing. just don't touch him.

He the strongest boss of the snaily world.

He's only seen in boss rush in all games except for Snailiad 11: Rise of the master

He is stonger than 200 devilblobs.

He also a mega matser claw in snailiad TD.

He become a mega master claw in snailiad 40.

Snaily right back at ya master claw was the last monster that made by holy master claw.

His mega master claw was more stonger than Knight snail and hyper king peguin NOT dark matter.

Dark matter and drawin trap him in snailiad 50.

He does not appear in snaily's mass attack for some reason

He is soo stonger than marx soul too.

Snaily and Buddy got chase by Master Claw in Snailiad 11.

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