Snaily snail and buddy bud before being devoured by Provaddda

Provaddda is a huge Sponge Squid and the friend of Magic Blob that is the pet of Blob-zooka. her mission is to protect his owner with her dearest life, and not to let him down and inside her body has a evil silme boss. When Blob-zooka is defeated, Provaddda gets mad and eats both the snails. In Snailiad 8 Rainbow Snail, Dragon Snail find Provaddda eating some alien grass that they saw on planet Ingralox's satellite, Xubumu, and the same Provaddda liked it. In Snailiad: Spikey swarm Provaddda becomes a youtuber along with an alien named Esna.
Provaddda (About)

About Provaddda in snailiad 3.