Toad Strikes Back - Boss Theme01:20

Toad Strikes Back - Boss Theme

First from and 2th from battle theme.


That is the big psycho iris from psycho waluigi.


She see Waluigi in Psycho Waluigi.

Not to be confused with Isis

Psycho iris
Psycho iris



Full name

Psycho iris


Female (Says she's male)


"BEH! BEH! BEH!" "HEH! HEH! HEH!" (new one) "I'm back snaily!"


Spirit, Good



Psycho iris is the mini boss from snailiad 3.

He has a differnet song than the other minibosses.

In Psycho Waluigi Edit

In Psycho Waluigi, a Mario fangame, Iris appears as a deuteragonist, and later the true antagonist. Iris makes Waluigi have psychic abilities that must be used to complete certain levels. She appears as the final boss of the game, located in Waluigi's mind. His real self is unconscious, so his mind self must reach Iris to fight her. The first part of the battle song is "Iris In My Mind", where the sound is Waluigi's voice saying parts of his name. The second part's sounds is a fast, distorted piano, with some orchestra. Iris herself is large during the final battle, the eye is the weak spot. When Iris is defeated, Waluigi returns to his own world.

In snailiad 3 (1984) Edit

He the miniboss the come right after rainbow snail.

He is the first hard boss.

He can join you in the team when you beat him.

In snailiad 4 (1985) Edit

He caught buddy bud and change into a psycho iris two.

There a glitch where you find a secret weapon for dogeing him and jump with gravity 100 time.

In snailiad 5 (1986) Edit

He made a cameo that buddy bud find a block with a psycho iris eye then the final boss starts.

In snailiad 6 (1987) Edit

King blob was made by psycho iris that he says.

In snailiad 7 (1987) Edit

Psychic blob also got in this game.

In snailiad 8 (1989) Edit

Buddy bud say does psycho iris psychic the grass?

However psycho iris do not got in the game.

In snailiad 9 (1989) Edit

He is the final stongest boss in the snaily world.

He also got a mircle form.

In snailiad 10 (1989) Edit

He return to be friends with snaily snail because the squeak squad hate psycho iris.


In snailiad 11 (1991)Edit

Psycho iris thinks master claw is here so he befriend agian.


In snailiad 12 (1991)Edit

He going to his world that general hazel lives.


In snailiad 13 (1993)Edit

He is a dark matter but he is now friend with time lord.'

In snailiad 22 (1995) Edit

He can be a playable character by a cheat call PSYCHOWALUIGI.

There a glitch where he dies.

In snailiad 64 (1996) Edit

He becomes Giant with snaily.

Darwin like snaily but snaily fail when he dies.

In snailiad 64 DS (2006)Edit

A theory that he can be unlocked with waluigi.

Quote Edit






KYAH KYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos Edit

Snailiad 18 Marx, Dark Matters, King Blob and the return of the penguin king

Snailiad 18


Snailiad 30

Psycho Irises

Iris's color (Iris was a flower and a color name)


Psycho Iris turn to a monster in episode 4.

Psychic Rainbow Snail

Rainbow Snail got psychic aura.

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