Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Moonlight Mansion (Area 2), Carrot Castle (Area 5)00:57

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Moonlight Mansion (Area 2), Carrot Castle (Area 5)



This picture hate me.

Go see the page of Moonlight Mansion in Kirby Wikia.

Mr. Frosty, Batafire, Boxy, Bonkers|common enemies=Snooter, Golem, Scarfy, Batty, Leap, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo}}Moonlight Mansion is the second level in the game Snailiad 4: The Last Showdown, following Rainbow Route and preceding Cabbage Cavern. ==General Information==Moonlight Mansion is a towering, purple mansion located in an area in the Mirror World that was apparently abandoned sometime ago and made the stronghold for the Mirror World's Golems. The level is seemingly engulfed by nighttime at all times. This is the first level with a boss that gives a Mirror Shard. Its overall layout is rather big yet easy to excavate. High atop the mansion's spire is the Warp Star that leads directly to Candy Constellation, and down below is an underground laboratory. Built into the ivy-covered castle walls are stained glass windows. These are most noticeable in the sanctuary where the boss of the level, King Golem, is fought. These windows display pictures of Gobbler, Wiz, Kracko, Mega Titan, and King Golem himself but not Dark Meta Knight and Moley.

Chip Roly-Poly Moley Dark Mind Wiz Gobbler.

==Map==660px ==Music==Template:Db {{#lst:Template:PortalRA06/Core|Theme - Carrot Castle / Moonlight Mansion}} ==Gallery== ==Trivia==*The only Squishy in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror AND SNAILIAD 4 is hidden in a water-filled area in Moonlight Mansion. Template:Levels

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