Virus Girl,General Hazel And Vector kiddnapped snaily and buddy And Brings To Drove Ganker! it psycho iris that will save the world.

Bosses Edit

Chomp Balloon

Twomp that act like space box with blocks that boom.

Giant blooper robot

2 Piranha plants not chompers but they laser iris.

Blarrg a robot with rainbow star on it mouth.

The Big Tank(Final Boss 1)

Normal Mode Bosses:

Ultra hazel bot

Zero Two

Mircle Matter

Virus Girl(Final Boss 2)

Hard Mode Bosses:

Lot Of Piranha Plants Not Too Laser Iris But They As The Xenovine Beast!

Vector And His Super Chip

Vector And His Bone Snyker

Vector And His Magnet Crab

Drove Ganker(Final Boss x)

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