Toad Strikes Back - Wart's Theme

Toad Strikes Back - Wart's Theme

His boss battle.


Rainbow Snail


Picture of rain snail.

Taken down

"I've shown all my power to you, now I ask you one last time..."


Rainbow snail now smash Moon Snail.


Snaily snail an buddy bud as legend snails battling Rainbow snail

Rainbow snail
Rainbow Snail
Rainbow snail


Rainbow snail

Full name

Nygran, Rainbow snail


"WHERE IS SNAILY AND BUDDY!?" "I've shown you all my powers, now I ask you one more time..." "This is no princess, she's just a weakling!" "You can't handle this alone, I'll have to join you THIS ONCE."




Rainbow and green shell


Alive, evil

One of the boss from Snaily 2 that Snailyrocks think and called rainbow snail on Snailiad 3: the last hurrah. He is the main bad snail in the fake snaily games. He is equipped with two weapons when he fights, the Rainbow Beam and the Rainbow Wave. He is not the final boss from Snailiad 3: the last hurrah the last boss from the game is the Penguin King. His Boss Bash form is Sky Snail in Snailiad 3. In the True Arena he is Sky Snail like in snailiad 3. He caught Moon Snail and Isis in Snailiad 3 but in snailiad 18, 19, 20, 21 and 64 ds he caught Snaila. He joins Snaily Snail in Snailiad 22 and Snailiad 50. He is a playble character in the last Snaily game, you can play as him with the code "IHATEYOUSNAILY".