Sprites are non-pixels.

There a loading screen that have 4 snail.

Level editor here.

Atfer beating auriplane's score you can play as her.

In snailiad spikey and chripies become green and yellow.

batty bats become red and faster.

Blobs are now fireballs.

Shellbreaker's room was a enemy corse and shellbreaker.


Blob first form added

Stompy has no canon.

Spikes are blue floatspike look like the one from color world.

Snaily on iris and a buggy wall when it says If you find glitches tell me.

A unamed bullet bill like enemy that chase snaily in area 4.

Boss rush renamed boss battle.

No super secret boomerang.

Snaily can't move on walls.

Theres a lots of no titles.

Drones become shotgun flyers.


Spikeys got a red form now.

blue chirpy that are sky blue, light blue can fly slow.

The snail says the helix was you prize to be gravity or go up there.

March 3 2011

Snaily run away from the bullet bill enemy again on a differnt area.

Angel Blob was a boss but not add in the level editor.

2 days later

New enemy:Angel and Devil Blobs (Angelblob was a boss in 2 area but later become a enemy) .

Bullet bill enemy change

All items and weapons dones.

3 days later

Angelblob not a boss.

Angelblob is no longer to weak to rainbow wave but now it weak to all 3 powerful weapon unlike floatspikes and jellyfishies are weak to the powerful rainbow wave.

Super Secret boomerang added.

1 day later

Renamed spinnysaw to spinnygear

Renamed angry bird to chripy (Angry birds was a real game on the ipad, android, kindle fire, iphone, ipod touch.

Renamed balloon beamer to balloon buster

Renamed shotgun to ??? drone(Forget name)

Renamed laser cube to space box

Space box spite don't look starge at all.

Renamed spinny flaze to rapid fire (Not to be confused with Spinny Flaze)

Delete navy shellbreaker to red shellbreaker

Vis vires not brown

Theres no longer be a gray kitty!! (Like in the credilts).

Pixel sprites (The old ones look like from maryo).

The game compete

Delete bullet bill enemy (Because he do a K.O.)


Each A Month For A New Snailiad Game First Appearad In

(24/9/2015) After The Asteroid Impact Event!

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