I will make this after snailiad 49 is finsh.

Benginng dark meta knight song(not the battle)

Dark matter is making his ultra form.

Dark meta knight helps drawin to breaks snail world(Like a KatAM when dark meta knight break the mirror).

He breaks Snail world to pieces and meta knight will get it.

Meta knight and dark meta knight goes to mirror land.

Darwin is not the final boss dark matter is.

Psycho iris got drawin and dark matter sucked both and the crabs too.

This time not only snaily and buddy, Rainbow snail, Master claw, Meta knight, The penguin king, spinny flaze and even time lord help snaily save snail world!
FileKatAM Mirror Shard sprite

Get one of those to fix the snail world(Look like the mirror shard from kirby and the mirror)

After defeating drawin Edit


Dark Matter: BEH YOU WILL DIE!

Drawin: OH F***!

Psycho iris: BEH BEH BEH i hold you.

Drawin: Thanks iris.

Iris: Drawin i'm saving you drawin.

Drawin: Now i love you iris.

Dark Matter: Ok then iris and drawin dies.

Drawin: Help me snaily dark matter is going to make me die.

Kibee got snaily a master eggplant.

Dark mind 2 and last form song plays

Snaily jump

Snaily miss it

Two got sucked

Final battle plays

Marx's background here

After killing him


Iris, Dark Matter, Drawin and snaily dies.

Snaily and iris dies and is not to be revived at the end.

Secret place(go look in the mirror world but then you suck on it but you go to mirror world)

The Game Continues.

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