DYNABIRD = Play as dyna blade

THISGAMEROCKS = Play as wham bam rock

CUBBYWHALE = Play as fatty whale

BUDDIAD = Now buddy bud is the main character

SNAILYROCKS = Snaily wear glasses


The cheat codes room where your goinng to type DYNABIRD.

ISEEWHATYOUDIDTHERE = Text changes to "Look at the difficulty, heh heh, I'm so evil!" and 1-hit mode is enabled (get hit once, you're done for)

NONOTFUNNY = Death lazer will not blow up.

BLAHBLAH = Play as Ultra psycho iris eye

PSYCHOWALUIGI = Play as psycho iris

BAMROCKJEWEL = Play as wham bam jewel

Starwish = Your are epic.

SNAILHAVETOSHUTUP = Now all of the snails and other characters do not talk

POKEMONDOTCOM = Mamisowne is in the game

IHATEYOUSNAILY = Play as rainbow snail and snaily snail is now the final boss.

THISISACANONGAME = Change the game into snailiad.

APLANTTHATWALKS = Fake grass is added in the game as a enemy.

GOOEYLIKEME = Gooey the animal friend that is added

ILOVECATS = Make a kitty!! neturl

LADIESFIRST = Play as snaila and make spikeys into spikas

SNAILYANDTHEMOORIR = Red snaily, Green Snaily, Yellow Snaily along with the playable characters snaily or buddy you choose

MAGGMASKAMPER(User:Moon Snail other name) = Play as moon snail

DUMBFACE = Snaily now say your face is dumb all the time

FATSNAIL = All of the snails are fat

BROCCOLI = Warp to boss 1 wall egie

FOOSBALL = Go to baby city

CRACKHED = Go to bob dole castle

BOBDOLE = Battle bob dole

RUNRUN = Run away but when time up now bob dole is alive

DOLE = Snaily eat dole


BRAINS = Snaily now get zombified

GOODBYESUN = Dark mode activated

SLUGGYSLUG = Slug mode activated

ELEPEPSI = Elepepsi mode activated

SEZIURESNAIL = Warning appears saying "Warning! you may have a seziure from flashing lights if you activate this, are you sure? (buttons are far away from each other and you have to double-click yes to avoid lawsuits)" and if "Yes" seziure mode activated.

BLOCKINGYOURPATH = Snorlax unlocked


Auriplane = "Can't touch this" becomes the background music and snaily dances.

Penguinlove = Secret game found

ANIME = snaily floats in mid air

ICAN'TSEEYOU = Snaily turns invisible

SNAILYROCKS = Snaily gets sunglasses


HOMERSIMPSON = Donut gun unlocked

ILOVESNAILS = Mini snail gun unlocked

IREALLY♥SNAILS = nacro snail gun activated (Alt + 3 for heart)

STOPTHISNOW = all codes deactivated.

KARRABLASTSHELMET = Snaily turn to Karrablast and buddy turn to shelmet

HELPERTOHERO = Mini snail now your helper

SNAILYLITTLEBUDDY = Play as mini snail

NONOTVERYFUNNY = Bosses and enemies can not blow up when there kill

SNAILSAREENEMIES = Snail are added as a enemy

POYO = Play as kirby and bosses and enemies turn to kirby bosses and enemies

You can find all in hidden rooms but not Penguinlove and Poyo.

Hidden 1

You see a goomlet and kill it.

You see two blaster and JUMP!

And a boss battle piranha plent step 1 rainbow his tonge then rainbow this mouth then use a sheid and his teeth broken and use the final weapon juggernaut.

HIDDEN IN A WHITE DOOR use juggernuat!

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