The first part after the main menu

Snaily, buddy, all enemies and snaila are trapped in a text adventure, and need to get out it like a rpg game! Compter virus does that.

It like kirby quest from kirby's mass attack.


Part 0: AwakeningEdit

You: Wake up

Buddy: thank goodness you're awake.

Buddy: You, snaila and I are trapped in this strange text adventure. Have you ever heard of this place?

You: Yes/no

Buddy: I don't (Either), we'd better get out of here.Are you ready?

You: yes

Buddy: Good. here's a peashooter snaila found in that bush over there but psycho iris is not in this adventure. Don't ask how she got it. be ready!

Part 1: The journey beginsEdit

Buddy: Spikeys and blobs are in this place.

You: Have to fight.

Blob 10 hp

Spikey 5 hp

Buddy: If you beat a enemy now you gain exps.

Level 1

Blobs 3 1 has 12 the 2 has 15.

Spikeys 10 5 has 8 but the other 5 have 13.

Level 2

Blobs 5 4 have 15 but 1 has 12.

Spikey 6 3 got 5 and the other 3 got 8.

Level 3

Buddy: The next place have a monster.

You: I think it shellbreaker.

Buddy: Let see.

Chirpys 4 2 has 1 the other 2 has 4.

Level 4


You: have to fight.

Shellbreaker hp 20

After killing shellbreaker.

Buddy: Let go to the next are.

You: OK!

Level 5

Fireball 4 2 has 6 and the other 2 has 8.

Spikey 2 1 has 12 and the other 1 has 16.

Level 6

Buddy: A death end.

2 Boomerang blobs are here but all 2 has 22.

After killing 2 Boomerang blobs.

We got boomerang.

Fista here.

Fista 25 hp

After killing fista.

Now we got a shell stomper.

Part 3: Stomp o Thwomp

Buddy: Shhhhhh it a secret.

You: Your just kidding.

Buddy: I am just kidding.

Level 7

Iceball 10 5 have 18 and the other 5 have 20.

Level 8

Ghost Dandelion 5 2 have 14 and 3 have 16.

Kitty!! 2 1 have 27 and the other 1 have 30

Level 9

Tallfish 3 all 3 have 32 hp.

Canon 5 all 5 have 35 hp.

Level 10

Buddy: Stompy is here!

Stompy 40 hp

After killing stompy

You: What the next area?

Level 11

Angry Tallfish 1 it have 42 hp.

After killing angry tallfish.

Buddy: We have a rainbow wave.

Level 12

Fire feet 4 2 have 38 the other 2 have 40

Level 13

Wheelie 6 all 6 have 45

Grand Wheelie 2 all 2 have 50

Level 14

Blob 10 5 have 40 the other 5 have 48

Blub 2 all 2 have 52

Level 15

Red Spikey 5 all 5 have 42

Gravity Turtle 2 1 have 56 1 have 58.

Level 16

Chirpy 30 all 30 have 20 hp.

Level 17

Pincer 5 all 5 have 59

Part 4 the sky of fly

Level 18


Snatchy 60 hp

Level 19

Spikey 20 all 20 have 30 hp

Level 20

Pincer 1

Spikey 1

Drone 2 objects but when you got the super weapon now it battle you.

All of them have 62 but spikey hp is 45.

Level 21

Pincer 2 1 have 63 but the other 1 has 66.

After killing 2 pincers.

Spinny flaze comes.

Spinny flaze 70 hp

After killing spinny flaze.

Buddy: You got a super weapon.

Level 22

Grand Wheelie 4 2 have 74 hp and the other 2 have 78 hp.

Part 5: Compters?

Level 23

Buddy: Snaila your here.

Snaila: Your back buddy and even you.

You: I found something really strange.

Buddy: Oh no it a green blob with out a peashooter.

Slime attacks buddy.

Buddy: Ouch!

You: Have to fight.

Slime Hp 80

Puppet Hp 95

Magican Hp 100

After killing them

Snaila: Thank you!

Iris: YOUR BACK! Heh.

You: Iris i miss you!

Buddy: I miss you too!

Snaila: I give you that peashooter you have right.


When saying no

Buddy: But you know yes?

You: OK where?

Buddy: I give it you know it!


For yes

You: I was from buddy who give it to me.

You: Buddy right?

Buddy: RIGHT!

After Both of them

Buddy: It the ending right?

You: OK!

Level 24

Buddy: One snail can talk to you talk to him.

Level 25

Spikey 10 Well there friendly spikeys that are red blue

Level 26

Blob 10 Hp 60

Bllub 5 Hp 80

Level 27

Spider 20 Hp 70

Mama Spider 1 Hp 90

Level 28

Snakey 5 Hp 83

Level 29

Spikey 2 Hp 2

Blob 1 Hp 4

Level 30

Drone 3 100 Hp

Spikey 5 20 Hp

Level 31

Devilblob 1 110 Hp block your way

After killing devilblob

Snaily and Buddy kill that stongest enemy.


Save the game and Show a picture of snaily says you are a super player.

Boss Rush Edit




Boomerang Blobs



Angry Tallfish

Super Shellbreaker

Spinny Flaze

Vis Vires




The Mighty Snatchy

Frosty Blaze

Magic and Attackful Wizard




Dark Evil Dragon

Master Claw

After killing master claw you earn slug mode or a ice snail gallery.

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