snailiad 29 ending

Snaily fight Darwin to save snail town, but will he make it? or will Snail world fall into eternal darkness?


(Darwin appears)

Darwin:you got me mad for the last time, Snail world will fall in eternal darkness, good luck surviving.

Snaily: it is 3 against 1, what are you gonna do?

Darwin: oh, there will be a suprise if you reach me...

(Darwin Vanishes)

(Snail world gets dak)

(Game starts)


(Shows Darwin falling)


(Darwin explodes)

(Snaily gets caught in explosion)

(Light appears)

(Smoke clears, and reveals snaily, really weak)

(buddy and snaila get out of cage)

Snaila: SNAILY! speak to me, please!

Snaily: B-B-Be good...

(Snaily falls, and dies)

(Buddy and snaila start to cry)

(All characters appear behind snaila and buddy)

(Switches to a fueneral for snaily)

Snaila: goodbye, snaily...

(Snaila and buddy leave flowers)

(A noise got hear 3 times)

(Credits roll)

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