Snaila and buddy come home and see Moon snail dead. they have to find the culprit but a silver heavy lobster comes.

Final Bosses:

General Hazel

Heavy Lobster

Silver Heavy Lobster


(Buddy and snaila go back home)

Buddy: that was a pretty long jou-

(Snaila and buddy see Moon snail dead and some blood)

Buddy and snaila: !

Buddy and snaila: We're going back and finding the culprit!

Finding the culpritEdit

(Snaila and buddy Find a sliver Heavy lobster with blood all over it)

Buddy: AH HA! I'm pretty sure you're the murderer. meat your doom!

(Battle starts)


(Heavy lobster explodes)

(Buddy and snaila bring metal back to snail town)

(Credits roll as they bring back the metal)

(The Snail World Destroyed By Heavy Lobster)

(All Snails Are Revived)

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