Snaila tries to bring her friends back, but she needs the supplies first. will she make it, or will a big mistake happen to do the opposite?


Snaila: Buddy, I...

Buddy: what is it?

Snaily: I miss my friends, I have an idea.

Buddy (Thinking): maybe this isn't a good sign.

Snaila: I am starting a revival ritual!

(Thunder cracks, and the game begins)


Snaila: I have the materials, I am starting the ritual! *Starts chanting*

(Flash of light appears)

(Knight snail comes out)

Knight snail: I...FREE!

Snaila: oh shell.


(Knight snail disappears, leaving armor behind)

Snaila:I guess that didn't work...

Buddy: um... you were holding the book upside down.

Snaila: really? *Flips it around* you were right...

(Buddy headgrounds)

(Credits roll)

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