Psycho iris have to find a spell that turn snaily big but he break it.

Snaily have be big but psycho iris break it.

After beating the game you will earn snailiad icons only cost 5 snail coins.

Some big thing got a lot.

(This game is like glorg a game where you play as this bronto burt thing with one eye)

Places Edit

F10 Edit

Ememies: Doomer Spikey

Bonus: Snail Coin

F9 Edit

Enemies: Just the same.

F8 Edit

Enemies: Same but with Drillblob.

Bonus: Snail Coin

F7 Edit

Enemies: Just the same but with Baseball Blob.

F6 Edit

Enemies: Same and also have a new enemy Stone Blob.

Bonus: Snail Coin

F5 Edit

Enemies: The same + Super Baseball Blob

F4 Edit

Enemies: The shocking spikey was added in the level and the same enemies appear in the level.

Song: The same song as F8 and F7.

Bonus: Snail Coin

F3 Edit

Enemies: Same and now has a new enemy that shocks call the lighting blob.

F2 Edit

Enemies: Same no enemies added.

Song: The same

Bonus Snail Coin (5) but when you get them all you will earn the snailiad icon when you beat the game.

F1 Edit

Enemies: Same no enemies added.

F0 Edit

Enemies: All of them + The boss (Boss can't attack you)

F6'5;// Edit

Enemies: New enemy call s['/S;/' that shock and baseball.

F1 Edit


Enemies: s['/S;/' and a new one call Pvvvv56 (Pww56 is like the boss but shocks and baseball)

F11 Edit

Enemies: Pww56 and Shocking Spikey

Bonus: A new item call 6777H that sooooo buggy.


Enemies: Glorg (He too buggy)

Bonus: 6777H.

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