2 years after snaily dies, snaily absorbs the life of a nearby Sapton craber for an unknown reason, and becomes alive again!

He gains healing powers and ends up reviving everyone, except for darwin, dark matter and iris(they return in snailiad 52.

He has to get back home with snaila by his side.

Some new kirby bad guy appears in the ending that kills every NPC snails. Snaily, Buddy and Snaila will got but mni snail got away and goes to snaily shell to don't die now they warp to volcano land to drawin's place.

You Must Defeat Sapton Craber To Revive Snaily! He Is The First Boss!

Flippy Is The Second Boss!

Sandworm Is The Third Boss

Monster Yellyfish Is The Fourth Boss

Strawasp Is The Fifth Boss

And Dream Snail Is The Final Boss


Blob Mucket

Blob Mawser

Nectra>The Electro Ball


Electro Rasping

Firey Tiny


Sapton Craber

Flippy>The Little Bug


Monster Yellyfish


Dream Snail


The Throne

The Cavern + Boss 1

The Forest

The Giant Tree + Boss 2

The Hell

The Golden Cave

The Desert + Boss 3

The Sand River

The Ocean

The Dark Atlantis + Boss 4

The Grasslands

The Snail Town

The Fortress + Boss 5

The Heaven

The Fear Land

The Dream

The Dimension + Final Boss

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