=== The New Sequel to Snailiad 1===Edit

=== Snailiad 2 came out about 3 weeks ago. Enjoy and have fun! ==="

People always wanted this. Their knowledge is here. Want to know why?

This sequel was still made by auriplane! (We all know that) Maps are complete and everything.

Here are the bosses + More Edit

5 Player Characters

16 Lands

20 Music songs

50 Enemies

7 Bosses

10 Blob Puzzles

12 Blob Puzzle challenges

6 Blob Puzzle Mini Bosses

2 Blob Puzzle Bosses

3 Game Mode

Here are some secrets found in the game! Secrets normally hard to find...

1 Secret Boss

Game Modes:

The Story

Boss Rush(After Defeating Moon Snail)

Blob Puzzle

Possible sandbox mode...

All the player characters are listed here.





Psycho Iris(After Beating Boss Rush)

Sluggy (or as known as hard mode)

​Some LIES, not fitted to be goodEdit

The one who claims he is the Sun/Moon Snail is me not the username: Moonsnail


This used to be a fake article until it got fixed


These are some of the FAKE sprites in the FAKE game. The one who claims he is the Sun/Moon Snail is me.

Bosses, Enemies, Songs And WorldsEdit

Venker Goldar(Finding In His Snail Body)

Hynuta>The Crab Lop(Finding Her The Ocean)

Earthquam(Finding In His Mountain)

Das/Dax Boxen(Finding In His Box Cages)

Sharkoteer>The Grey Metal Shark Mech(Finding In The Pixel Highway)

Mega Sun Snail [Final Boss] (Finding In His Sun)

Mega Moon Snail [Final Boss x] (Finding In His Moon)

Super Shellbreather(Finding In His Room)

Laboratorium Edit

Acid Blob

Lab Golem

Acid Beast

Smail Body

Rayker>The Grey Nano Robot

Ice Warrior

Virus Blob

Antivirus Blob

Beach Edit


Sand Monster

Metal Cannon

Ocean Edit


Big Piranha


Octo Lord

Cave Edit

Devil Blob

Robot Blob

Fencer Zoid

Mountain Edit

Rolling Ball

Fire Genie


Mega Oni

Skyland Edit

Angel Blob

Crystal Mancer

Color Blob

The Box Cages Edit


Stone Bot

Fan Box

Electro Crab

Anti-Skyland Edit

Anti Blob

Sky Swat

Robber Ton

The Sun Edit

Sunny Eye

Phoenix Ship

Drago Sun

Jaw Flame

Cloud Lands Edit

Nova Blob


Cloud Monster

Pixel Highway Edit

Slime Fish

Dark Troll

Yellow Ghost

Laser Ghost

The Lost Ruins Edit

Shine Eye

Spikey Grass

Actual Tank

The Moon Edit

Bot Finder

Coyote Ship

Robber Swat

Night Slicer

Theme Songs for Landscapes + More Edit

Blob Puzzle Song

Extended Blob Puzzle Song

Blob Puzzle Boss Song


Snail Body






Robot Wants Fishy Song(Finding In The Box Cages)

Robot Wants Jig Song(Finding In Anti-Skyland)

The Sun

Cloud Lands

Pixel Highway

The Lost Ruins

The Moon

Snailiad Boss Song

Snailiad Final Boss Song

Super Shellbreather Boss Song

Landscapes Edit

Snail Town


Snail Body + Boss 1


Ocean + Boss 2


Mountain + Boss 3


The Box Cages + Boss 4


The Sun + Final Boss

The Lost Ruins

Pixel Highway + Boss 5

Cloud Lands

The Moon + Final Boss x

Super Shellbreather's Room + Secret Boss

Heres a Blob story! ;) Edit

Blob Puzzle Elements:

Fire Blob

Water Blob

Leaf Blob

Earth Blob

Air Blob

Electro Blob

Magic Blob

Dark Blob

Light Blob

Metal Blob

Blob Puzzle Challengers: Edit

Snaily [Opponent:Leaf]

Buddy [Opponent:Water]

Hero Spikey (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Leaf]

Blib [Opponent:Light]

Blub [Opponent:Fire]

King Blob (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Water]

Mt Eye [Opponent:Earth]

Keeper Eye [Opponent:Dark]

Hynuta>The Crab Lop (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Light]

Earthquam (Boss) [Opponent:Earth]

Krackie [Opponent:Air]

Cloud Monster [Opponent:Electro]

Kracko (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Electro]

Quiz Bot [Opponent:Dark And Metal]

Eye Flyer [Opponent:Air And Light]

Super Shellbreaker (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Dark And Magic]

Giga Fan Box [Opponent:Fire And Water]

Space Box [Opponent:Electro And Light]

Feargius (Mini Boss) [Opponent:Fire And Air]

Metalkor (Final Boss) [Opponent:Metal And All Elements]

======================================================= Edit

This is the new snailiad 2. Snailiad 3 will be on its way starting now!

Thats all Edit