Snail town (Easy path

It's a tower defense, you have to protect snail town from being taken down by the enemies.

Level 1

Very easy kill 10 spikies and a blob.

Level 2

Also easy kill 15 spikies and 2 blobs.

Level 3

Easy and kill 20 spikies and 4 blobs.

Level 4

Last very easy level theres 25 spikies and 6 blobs.

Level 5

Too easy but little bit there's a new spikey call red spikey so kill 5 of them and there also 30 spikies.

Level 6

Same but different ways it has a new enemy call blub only just 1 when you kill them all. (Boomerang Unlocked)

Level 7

Chripy swarms in this level only 20.

Level 8

2 Spikies and 25 chripies.

Level 9

30 Spikies, 10 Blobs, 1 Blub, 4 Red Spikies and 30 chripies.

Level 10

10 Spikies and you met shellbreaker the fisrt boss.

Level 11

Fireballs live in here just 5.

Level 12

Red Spikies and Blobs live in here just 5 of them.

Level 13

20 Blobs in this level boomerang can kill them all.

Level 14

2 Batty bats in this level.

Level 15

Blubs live in there just 2.

Level 16

35 Spikies swarm on this level.

Level 17

2 Blubs and Batty Bats.

Level 18

15 Fireballs and 2 Ghost Dandelion.

Level 19

1 Kitty!! and 20 Fireballs and oh 10 Ghost Dandelions.

Level 20

20 Fireballs and Stompy the new boss.

Level 21

10 Blobs in this level and 40 Chripies.

Level 22

40 Spikies in this level.

Level 23

2 Iceballs live in here. (Rainbow Wave unlocked)

Level 24

5 Iceballs live in this level.

Level 25

50 Chripies and Snatchy here.

Level 26

60 Chripies in this level.

Level 27

10 Blubs in this level but 1 blob in this level.

Level 28

2 Kitties!! appear in this level.

Level 29

40 Spikies, 40 Chripies and 20 Sponge squids.

Level 30

Blob-Zooka the ba-zooka blob.

Level 31

40 Fireballs in this level.

Level 32

60 Chripies and 50 Spikies.

Level 33

Iceball in this level are 10.

Level 34

20 Fire and Iceballs.

Level 35

30 Ghost Dandelions.

Level 36

10 Fireballs, Iceballs and Ghost Dandelions.

Level 37

1 Acidball in this level. (Juggernaut Unlocked)

Level 38

40 Fireballs so it's REALLY hard you needed a juggernaut.

Level 39

10 Fireballs, 10 Iceballs and 10 Ghostdandelions but 2 acidballs.

Level 40

Spinny Flaze is here!

Level 41

50 Spikies and 50 Chripies.

Level 42

20 Red Spikies.

Level 43

20 Blubs.

Level 44

REALLY too hard but juggernaut make it more easiesr but there's 25 Blubs.

Level 45


Pea shooter: shoots simple, weak peas.(N)

Boomerang: stronger than the pea shooter and will retaliate through the field.(N)

Rainbow Dasher: shoots rainbow rays and hurts enemies really badly all not angelblob, floatspike and jellyfish.(A)

Juggernaut: strong as the rainbow dasher, but stops in the middle of the path it goes and disappears after 10 seconds, dealing max damage and can not kill chipies.(G)

Donut gunner: shoots donuts that cannot be broken. strong as the Rainbow dasher(N)

Donut juggernaut: same as Donut gunner and juggernaut.(G)

Shell bommerang: Highly strong, but one shot at a time.(N)

(N) = normal

(G) = Ground

(A) = air

Enemies Edit

Spikey: Can be detroy by any weapons.(G)

Blob: Can be detroy by any weapons.(G)

Chirpy: a flying enemy, cannot be hit with ground towers (A)

Sponge squid: ... Don't ask me how it got out of water. it takes out grass (Money) when it reaches snail town.(N) Iceball: can not be kill by boomerang and pea shooter.

Blub: unlike blob there cannot be hit with pea shooter.(G)

Float spike : weak to powerful rainbow wave.

Bosses Edit

Shellbreaker: Meet you at the 10.

Stompy: Meet you at the 20.

Snatchy: meet you at the 25.

Blob-Zooka: Meet you at the 30

Spinny flaze: meet you at the 40

Dragon Snail: Meet you at the 50.

Provaddda: Meet you at the 60.

Meta knight: Meet you at the 70.

King Blob: meet you at 80.

King Spikey: meet you at 90.

Rainbow Snail: Meet you at the 100.

The penguin king: Meet you at the 101.

Master claw: meet you at the 102.

Mega Master claw: meet you at the 103.(New Boss)

Special towersEdit

Snaily: does all at a time at a high strength, takes a lot of money tho.

Buddy: like snaily but weaker.

Snaila:weaker than buddy, but quite faster.

Space box: One time only, kills most enemies on the path and weakens stronger ones.

Iris: does high psychic damage, and sometimes teleports them to the start.

Moon snail: shoots an endless path of moon ray.

Sun Snail: just like moon snail but it have a stong ray called the sun ray.

Blob rocketeer: shoots High-powered missles at a slow rate.

Isis shrine: when placed, the game ends, and you win. costs a fortune!

All towers are (N) towers.

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