Gerwed is the main antagonist and the final boss of Kirby Warrior RPG 2. Appearance: Gerwed is a slim blu-ish humanoid alien, he has black eyes with big red pupils, he has a long red tongue and he has a lot of tentacles around his body, he has black hair with some white parts and he is naked, showing his big breasts, interchangable genitals and his butt. Gerwed has an entire army of aliens at his service, this is noticed for example when one of his servants (who are naked and attractive as their leader) calls him 'majesty', 'my lovely master' or 'my lord'. Gerwed is perverted like Juju and Xhammon, the antagonists of Snailiad: Aliens Beyond Existence. Quotes

  • Ha! Then you are here to stop me? Fool! If you haven't destroyed my generator my machine will still take all the Posi of all the Worlds. You can't stop me. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  • I'm Gerwed! Devourer of lost souls! If you didn't came here my plan will be already complete!
  • Fools! I can inflict a lot of aliments on fool souls! Like yours! So prepare to be part of my main course meal! Hahahahahahaha!!!
  • Nooooooooo! This can't be true! How can I be defeated by a group of fools?!
  • No!!! It can't end like this! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Battle: Gerwed has 666 of Attack, 666 of Defense and 99999999999999 of Health, he can inflict a lot of status aliments and the battle agains him is very long. He is the hardest of all the bosses in the game. Song:

I am the one who will cause your doom

on a fool soul like you

prepare to be massacred

by myself

you can't escape your fate baby

you are mine now:

the strongest one is me

the madness I oversee...

you will never be yourself again fool of shiiiiit...

oh yes yeah you will be painfully killed

by meeeeeeee...

prepare to meet your dooooooooooom...


History: Gerwed lived on planet Ziybalex and he was treated like a monster because he is gay, then he planned to get revenge on all the Worlds and kindapped Zelya to prevent her from stopping him and his army of aliens. One day he landed on Planet Popstar and then he created a machine that could steal all the Posi in the world and bring it to him to absorb it and let him to conquer the world without obstacles.