The first snaily game but it's fanon.

Enemies are coming soon.

Level 1 to 10 (11 in slug and 1-hp mode)

Glitch is when you die fall down the acid without a block and you warp to the menu and the glitch call code this can only in Huh!? in snaily not robot wants kitty

Codes are ILOVECATS = You kitty from robot and ALLITEMS = Get all items excet keys and the final one is tricky it's REDBLUEGREEN = All keys like Green, Red and Blue but there's also a code call IDONOTDIE = You can't get kill by enemies and acid and the bosses your non-killable snail and one call HAMUMU = Go to the website Hamumu that mades robot wants series.

Robot Want Kitty looks like this game.
Robot Wants Kitty - BGM 102:40

Robot Wants Kitty - BGM 1

BGM 1 Song

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