Mass attack

This need to be change.

Snaily is chewing monsters for dinner and is so happy. One day all of the mass of his body came out but then snaily realized he was invinicible so he can't ever die because his dad put the invincibility in him. So no mass attack TADA NOW ARE YOU HAPPY YOU GOOFY PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING UP ON THIS WIKI. ARE U HAPPY OR NOT DX. This wiki doesn't like you. :( The other page has been canceled by dll injector. Sorry about that.

  • Tortletummy
  • Status(Green)
  • Big Status
  • Moggy
  • Superspicy Curry
  • Capsule J2
  • Skullseer
  • Grindarr
  • Chef Kawasaki
  • Shadowbite
  • Maxim Tomato
  • Status(Red)
  • Status(Aquamarine)

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