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Snailiad Snaily Snail



Full name

Snailiton S. snail or Canon: SNAILY SNAIL


Look at "See why we don't say he".


pink snail


Alive, Good

Best friend

Buddy Bud


No information

Snaily Snail is one of the possible protagonists of Snailiad; the other is Sluggy Slug, which is unlocked by getting 100% Items in Easy or Normal Mode to wake up Moon Snail or beating Boss Rush. For convenience this article will deal with both player characters. Unenhanced by powerups, Snaily (See why we don't say "he") has a magenta body and an orange shell. (Sluggy Slug only has a darker magenta body).

Snaily is not a playable character in the major part of Snailiad 5 because Buddy Bud is the playable character and Snaily is on vacation in the World of EZ with his friend Crono, an alien from planet Ingralox.

Snaily is also not a playable Character for grat part of Snailiad 26 because for the majority of the game is brainwashed by the final boss.


In Snailiad, Snaily Snail saves the snails from being kidnapped by Moon Snail by defeating him in battle and helps restore the latter's former self, Sun Snail.

Personal lifeEdit

Snaily Snail/Sluggy Slug seems to have a snail significant other, who has a heart container available.

Characters Edit


See Buddy

Buddy was one of snaily's friend.


See Psycho Iris

Iris is a sprit friend that help him to psychic.

Moon Snail

See Moon Snail

Moon Snail become bad in Snailiad but he's friendly and not mad when you got 100% item.

General Hazel

See General Hazel

She wants iris to psychic snaily.

Rainbow Snail

See Rain Snail

He is one of snaily's WORST ENEMY OF ALL!

He appear in the most snaily games but not snailiad game because he fake.

Dark Matter

See Dark Matter

They are kirby's enemies that keep on king dedede's body.

Snaily meet them like iris space box and dyna blade to be dark matters.

In snailiad 14 a dark matter made moon snail evil.