All bosses that fight the snail world.

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Airship Kabula

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Airship Kabula.wmv

In Snailiad 9 when you battle Kabula.

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Marx Soul EAR RAPE Scream

Kirby Super Star Ultra - Marx Soul EAR RAPE Scream

He kill your ears. Marx Soul sound on snailiad 9.

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This is a wiki where you can post snaily fandom LIKE CHARACTERS FROM KIRBY AND PSYCHO
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This wiki aims to be a thoroughly referenced encyclopedia which documents topics concerning the Snaily World, the universe of the online game Snailiad.

There a anthoer wiki it called psyho waluigi becuase is spell this wiki wrong it psycho waluigi wiki but it says psyho waluigi

It fake.

Spoiler warning! For sake of completeness, this wiki contains, and intends to be a repository of, spoilers to the game.

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