He is at playing games for babies.

He hasn't heard of the Secret Snelks.

He doesn't know the character's name. If you're reading this snailyrocks, it's the first half of your name!


He is a good artwork maker. FOR SCRIBBLING

He got 0% items on easy mode, normal mode, and slug mode.

He couldn't find any of the secret rooms.

He got killed in one hit by one of those blue blobs.

He even found a very super super secret room that had a weapon in it. It was in lux liratra. An invisible nothing wave. It allowed him to lose all his other weapons! It's pretty rare you guys could get. It's not on the map like the shrine of isis. Plus, it does absolutely nothing good for the player.

He got another super super secret item. It's an invisible health bar that he found in snailiad. He never could even play the game once he got it.

He got 0% of the map on easy mode, normal mode, and slug mode.

He never even beat the game before ever so never got slug mode or the boss rush.

He couldn't beat the first boss because he couldn't reach the first weapon even.

These are reasons why snailyrocks is such a lame person.