An online retro Metroidvania game created by Crystal Jacobs/Auriplane/User:TrueAuriplane with Flixel. Its

he game itself

soundtrack was written with Famitracker.

Code for picture in auriplane website are fireball and babyfish.

It E for Everyone.

Look for the graphics.

Go on

Sorry it got removed User:TrueAuriplane is tired of this website to fix she made snailiad website.

Secrets Edit

Boomerang that called the super secret boomerang.

2 snelk places that have more than 1 snelk.

??? like dark meta knight and the place from kirby milky way wishes that call shine of isis not iris.

??? also have 1 helix.

External linksEdit

Snailiad on Newgrounds

Snailiad Soundtrack (Removed)

Snailiad on kongregate

Auriplane's kong profile

Snailiad on the snailiad website (Auriplane's new website)

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