Snatch appears in Snailiad 3 makes a lots of cameo.

Shows buddy got snatch by him.

Shows new bosses with him.

In the final cut he was in a statue of boss along with master claw, knight snail, king blob and the penguin king.

Snatchy is a boss in snailiad 4. he is seen snatching up Buddy bud at the end of Amastrida Abyssus in Space box's old room. But you cannot see Space Box because he is protecting snail town.

In snailiad 9 He is a type of a big twizzy and tookey but it a normal bird that snatchs.

In snailiad 11 he in a Mini game call dyna blade vs snatchy.

In space snaily he know he turn to be big twizzy renamed to Snatch-o-bird because no twizzy in the game snailiad space.

He give grass to his childs in snailiad 8

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