Space Boxes

Left up Angry Space Box Left Down Sad Space Box Right Time Cube

Space Box is the Thwomp looking boss in the Amastrida Abyssus area. Its Boss Rush counterpart is Time Cube. Space Box looks like Dax or Das Boxen from the robot wants series.

He is the third boss in snailiad.

If you kill space box before obtaining the power rabid fire, the Snail that tells the past says "I can see the past, Snaily! i can see that you forgot to pick up Rabid fire before facing space box!"

User:TrueAuriplane make some other sprite of space box.

There not use in Snailiad.

In snailiad 4, space box says he is no longer evil and will protect snail town with his dearest life. he gave his old room to Snatchy and he along with Isis.

In snailiad 13 he is now in the dark matters just like Psycho Iris.

In snailia epic block he looks the same.

Snailyrocks Notes:Space Box was know as the Gravity Boxen thats call Time Cube in Boss Rush.

The mouth look like's Shellbreaker's mouth.

Das Boxen

Das or Dax Boxen looks likes Space Box.

In snailiad 3 the boss rush form is call gravity cube.

In snailiad space when you talk to him he says I LIKE SPACE! Because his name has Space on it.

Sometimes he's know as Laser Cube but he's don't do laser just little boxes and dounts.

His sounds make the same as Stompy, Giga Snail and Rainbow Snail (Snailiad 3).