Spikey Battle

A Red Spikey in Mare Carelia


That A Common Enemy Spikey

Spikies are common enemy. Red Spikeys can also shoot a pea toward Snaily/Sluggy.

Blue Spikey Are Like Metriod Common Spikey Enemys.

There are spikey and snaily knows he can't stomp on enemies.

There evil snails.

There the first enemies (or the fireball, iceball and ghost dandelion Note:The dandelion only can kill you)

Snailyrocks call red spikies spikers or pea spikey.

Snailyrocks Notes:They are very spiny and reds shoot pea when they stop.

Snailiad Edit

There the enemies that can be the most common

Appear in every area excet area 4 and the blue one area 3.

Snailiad 2 Edit

Spikies are now red and yellow and be uncommon.

Blob probley now the commonest.

Snailiad 3 Edit

There a Fake Grass one that is a green spikey.

Giant Spikey is a big mini-boss spikey.

The spikey grew sooooo big in snailiad 3 called ginat spikey.

Snailiad 4 Edit

their female counterpart is Spika

Snailiad 8 Edit

There are big but after beating the game there small.

Snailiad 10 Edit

Pink Spikies apper as droppy spikies however along with blob there not give you mind control.

Snaily Mass Attack Edit

In mass attack they call spiny and only in snaily quest.