This is not a snaily game, snaily, provadddas (As a boss), buddy, moon snail, Rainbow snail, Snaila and Magic blob are characters in the game look like brawl and return to dreamland.

When kirby swallows snaily he turn to slow but buddy slow with high jump psycho iris psychic kirby.

This Teen game is mix by E+10 games and psycho waluigi and snailiad but with kracko.

Kirby now can change to anykirby characters like animal friend and HAL by a stone.


Playable characters:

Psycho Iris (Waluigi)

Snaily (Snailiad)

Buddy (Snailiad)

Snaila (Snailiad)

Prince Fluff (Kirby)

Louie (Pikmin)

New Enemies:

Spikey (Snailiad)

Heilseed (Waluigi)

New Bosses:

Provaddda (Snailiad)

King Hazelnut (Waluigi)

Dark Matter (Kirby)

New pokemon at the pokeball:



New items:

Devastator (Snailiad)

New assist trophies:

Shellbreaker (Snailiad)

Peashooter (PVZ)

Kracko (Kirby)

Marx (Kirby)

Snooter (Kirby)

It is a fash game

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