It the unvoa rap!



Trailer 2


Buddy bud being chased by 10 pokemon


Snailiad 3Edit

coming next fall...

comes over 646 pokemon...

and many more mysteries...

  • Shows buddy bud being chased by 6 different pokemon such as snivy*

Buddy bud:woah woah woah! ths isn't funny!

Dialog: SNAILIAD 3!

  • Shows random scene*

explore over 5 different areas!

  • Shows snaily and buddy exploring Mare carlea, Jungetin floraxia, Inside provaddda and beyond snail world*

Fighting hundreds of enemies

  • Shows snaily and buddy shooting enemies*

plus many bosses

  • Shows snaily and buddy fighting shellbreaker, acidic slime, stompy, giant spikey and rainbow snail*

Snaliad 3: the last hurrah, coming next fall!

Snailiad: NOVA Edit

Psycho Iris: HEH HEH HEH!

  • Shows a picture of thunder dragon.

Make a glitchy sound.

SNAILY MARX ATTACK(Not mass attack)

Marx: Heh heh heh

Snaily: oh no!

Nova is dead!

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